Gurdjieff said "A modern man lives in sleep, in sleep he is born and in sleep he dies. How can one awaken? How can one escape this sleep?  These questions are the most important, the most vital that can ever confront a man." (In Search of the Miraculous - PD Ouspensky)

We are a small but dedicated group studying Gurdjieff's ideas and teachings and attempting to practise them in our daily lives. The group is led by members of the Gurdjieff Society and we meet fortnightly in Wokingham near Reading.

We welcome new members who have a serious interest in Gurdjieff's teachings and would like to study them more deeply and begin to practise them with others.

Whether you're already familiar with his ideas or have just come across them in passing you may sense that there's something about them that resonates with you. If you would like to find out more about us, please email us at for more information.